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Inspection and Audit Services are verification tools to enable the ship manager or representative 3rd party to confirm the existance of acceptable standards of ship operations, vessel condition, implementation of compliance with company policies and procedures, and overall effectiveness of quality and safety management systems.  Greenway Marine Inc. offers extensive experience in ship surveys and onboard inspections for condition assessments, cargo carriage capabilities, and safe compliance.  Trained and certified in auditing processes for ISM, ISO and ISPS provides 3rd party review and expertise for your company to confirm the effectiveness of your safety management systems, meeting the requirements of your customer expectations, and regulatory compliance.  Our inspection and auditing services can better prepare your ships, officers, crews, and shore staff for ongoing compliance standards to meet Class, Flag State, Underwriters and Cargo Interests.
Quality and Safety Management Systems with effective company specific policies and procedures under ISM, ISO, Domestic Safety Management Standards or other management systems continue to play a critical role in the management of ships and regulatory compliance with goals of continual improvement.  Our experience in helping marine companies develop or update their procedures to ensure a "user friendly" and effective system through upper management support and ship's crew supported onboard quality and safety management systems will assist and enhance your overall management systems.  Greenway Marine Inc. has trained and certified Auditors to provide additional 3rd party assessments of safety effectiveness, environmental compliance, and a review of your quality/safety management systems.  We can assist you in meeting new regulatory requirements which will require safety management systems for all domestic Canadian vessels (beyond SOLAS requirements) with the development and implementation of these ISM based safety systems for your company and ships.

Greenway Marine Inc. offers onboard inspections and audits to measure and assist with compliance to the Marine Occupational Health and Safety Regulations and Maritime Labour Convention Standards.
Training Services are available through Greenway Marine Inc. with support from Georgian College's Great Lakes International Marine Training and Research Centre.  Onboard and location delivery of training specifically targeted to your company needs and procedures can be developed and provided to ensure crew and staff competence.  Training in areas beyond regulatory requirements will promote a safety and environmental compliance culture and we offer unique training opportunities in Oil Spill Management and Pollution Response, Bridge and Engine Room Resource Management, Environmental Awareness for Officers and Ship's Crews, Occupational Safety, Violence in the Workplace, Health and Safety Representatives, ISM, ISO and ISPS training in addition to other regulatory training for STCW and Flag State requirements and these are just a sample of available training courses.  Management Training for Senior Officers is currently under development and through Georgian College, many training courses are Transport Canada approved to both international and domestic training standards.   
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