Greenway Marine Inc.


Industry and Company Representation through Greenway Marine Inc. can provide your company with a presence at industry forums, regulatory meetings and other venues.  While resource availability, time and travel expenses can negatively impact your ability to undertake these important stakeholder and communication opportunities, representation of your company and/or industry positions by us can present a positive image of your company and ensure your position(s) are represented with feedback/follow up requirements provided through information, meeting summaries and any recommendations which are part of our detailed report services. 

Greenway Marine Inc. has extensive experience at the IMO, ILO, CMAC, Seaway, Class and Flag State (Canada and U.S.) Regulatory levels for company and industry representation.
Project Work can be demanding on a company from a resource and expertise perspective.  The ability to have expert and experienced representation on project work such as new  equipment installations or retrofitting of major equipment, dry docking surveys, repairs and inspections, and other specific technical related tasks is invaluable to your company with significant potential savings through effective project or work management.  Greenway Marine Inc. has the ability to locate experienced personnel at any location to provide this oversight on behalf of your management.  Our excellent working relationships with Class, Port State and Flag State authorities, 3rd party surveyors, insurance representatives, repair contractors and their facilities will assist in this process. 
Cargo Surveys, Port and Berth Surveys can protect your company, ships and crews in terms of liability issues related to the suitable and safe carriage of cargoes and the utilization of safe berths.  With extensive experience in bulk cargoes, Greenway Marine Inc. can provide cargo surveying services at loading/unloading docks and assess berths relative to safe navigation.  We will work to ensure positive relationships remain with your cargo interests and customers.  Proper assessments of the cargo characteristics, the suitability of your ship, the suitability of the port/berth/terminal, cargo hold condition related to the intended cargo, and cargo handling equipment combined with good working relationships between the carrier and cargo interests will assist with proper cargo management. 
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